Kokipro French Bread Baguette Pan 15″ x 13″ Nonstick Perforated Baguette Pans For Baking With Couche For Bread Dough with Dough Scraper, 4 Wave Silver Steel Loaves Loaf Bake Mould Toast Cooking Bakers


  • NON-STICK & PERFORATED: This French bread Pan is specially designed with a non-stick coating & made of food grade carbon steel. Perforations in this french baggette bread pan let dampness escape, allowing loaves to crisp and brow evenly.
  • FOOD GRADE MATERIAL: This baking bread Pan uses high-end carbon steel which grants you strength and durability, Perforated baguette pan with non-stick coating, which provides a transparent, anti-stick baking surface. The french baguette pan is easy to clean and this Italian bread making tools and supplies is made of much thicker material than normal ones.
  • VERSATILE & DELICATE FOODS FOR BAKING: This baguette shape provides home bakers an easy way to bake warm, fresh French bread baguettes from the comfort of their kitchen. Baguettes are the base of almost any crostini or bruschetta appetizer. Making a grilled cheese sandwich with a fresh baguette, you will fall in love with baking bread with Kokipro bread baking pans!
  • 3-IN-1 Pack: You can save your $12 by placing an order because you are paying for Baguette Pan 15″X 13″X 0.98″, but in return getting bread baking tools and gadgets. The package includes 1 x Baguette pan, 1 x Bread Couche & 1 x Dough Scraper.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFCATION: Any concerns about this Baguette Bread Mold, bakers Couche, Dough Scrapper, French Bread, seduction bread, Hoagie Mold, mejorante para pan please contact us immediately. Tips: A very loose dough, such as an unkneaded dough, can get stuck in the perforations of the pan. We recommend using a stiffer rather than soft dough in this pan.
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Experience the utmost professional baking at home with the Kokipro Nonstick Perforated baguette pan. Achieve crunchy, golden-brown bread every single time as well as cook 4 loaves at the same time for family dinners & parties. The perforated design allows the air to circulate freely around the fresh dough, creating an all-around crust.

This environment-friendly and the easy-to-clean pan is produced from Carbon steel for exceptional conductivity. Made specifically for us by the Gold Criterion in professional bakeware. This line of durable frying pans is unmatched in top quality, durability, & innovative style.

Pan is coated with Americoat, a clear, non-stick, safe, environmentally friendly coating that is specially formulated for premium baking and a simple release of baked goods.

Our customers, as well as our test kitchen bakers, swear by these pans; try them on your own & see the difference they can make in your favorite recipes.



  • 1 x baguette pan with 4 wave silver steel loaves 15″ x 13″
  • 1 x Couche made up of Cotton for bread dough 26″ x 35″
  • 1 x dough scrapper 3.5″ x 5″


Lifetime warranty. The optimum suggested baking temperature level: 450 ° F. Hand-washing suggested.

A very slack dough, like a no-knead dough, might get stuck in the frying pan’s openings. We suggest using a stiffer rather softer dough in this pan.

We provide the highest quality of baguette pan at a value price. We’re confident that you will love them

46 reviews for Kokipro French Bread Baguette Pan 15″ x 13″ Nonstick Perforated Baguette Pans For Baking With Couche For Bread Dough with Dough Scraper, 4 Wave Silver Steel Loaves Loaf Bake Mould Toast Cooking Bakers

  1. Taylor Davis

    Purchased for breads. Super quality

  2. Sushi Johnson

    Superb quality nothing to say professional and really satisfied we recommend Garage F.

  3. James Roth

    It makes me super easy to make French bread. I love it very much. Thank you.

  4. Andrew Green

    It is a great item for the price

  5. Victoria Davis

    The cloth that comes it to cover the dough while it rises is a bit too heavy and large for baguettes. Might be useful for something else.

  6. Ethan Mitchell

    Love it! Dense. Came quickly. Was not tracked. Thank you. I recommend it.

  7. Benjamin White

    This pan couldn’t be easier to use. It is very sturdy, easy to clean & makes great loaves. It would seem, at first opening the package & handling the pan, that it would be fragile but using & washing & storing came very easy & as rough as I am & as much as I use all my bread pans, this is one of the best.

  8. Sarah Cooper

    Exactly as advertised, I love the set, the couche is a welcomed addition to my baking tools as before I used a a cotton kitchen towel for proofing the baguettes. The couche is sturdier and holds its shape better. The pan is nonstick and even a softer dough doesn’t stick. I bake mini baguettes a couple of times a week and I’m very pleased with the purchase. I definitely recommend it.

  9. Justin Scott

    I know nothing cheap is good but there are exceptions like this .. I bought it and love to cook it and clean it. Take the burden off your shoulders, all you need is a paper towel, the bread is really easy and crispy and most importantly the results are in line with my baking habits. So overall this was the best french bread pan available at a low price. Love my bread, thank you …

  10. Grace Baker

    Makes the bread crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. Very easy to clean.

  11. Joshua Jackson

    Easy to use and clean. Baguettes turned out well. Just a little hard to pick up pan from the oven when it’s full and hot.

  12. Ryan Nelson

    The baguettes are looking good, that pan is working well. What more could one want in life, no like really the bread comes out great. Used a lot pans and this one is my pick. bread looks nice and pan holds up well in the heat.

  13. Madison Evans

    Just like described and works well for what its intended for, for me the shape came out the way i wanted what more could i hope for… being my first baguette pan this tray is doing the job i bought it for and from what my friends tell me I got lucky and bought the right one so kudos to me … YAY

  14. David Perez

    First time ever making baguettes but this pan is the way to go. Surface was as crispy crunchy as French bread should be. Very easy to prepare, use and clean up after. The recipe I used was for 4 baguettes but I only did 3 and it was just fine. Will be doing this often! Looks awkward on paper but easy to store.

  15. Samuel Lee

    i love this pan. it is easy to clean, works beautivully, even fits into my little portable convention oven. great product at a reasonable price. i am absolutely app with it.

  16. Caroline Adams

    This item is perfect for baking baguette loaves! bread does not stick. Sturdy construction.

  17. William Miller

    I love the bread that comes out of the oven in this pan. I found a great sourdough recipe that is done in an hour and a half, and is soft and delicious. This pan is fun to use and works well to produce really good bread! Love it!…and the bread!

  18. Victoria Flores

    Order again!

  19. William Reed

    Best Pans

  20. Brandon Allen

    All as described. Fast delivery. I recommend the seller.

  21. Jacob Morgan

    A wonderful pan that helps make the best baguettes with an amazing crust!

  22. Benjamin Wilson

    Great pan! Quickly absorb moisture, soft, dense. Neatly sewn. 30×30 cm for the kitchen is the thing! I recommend it.

  23. William Smith

    I recommend to purchase. Sewn all for 5 +

  24. Christopher Martin

    You know for a beginner like me who just started making breads by hand this is very helpful. The quality product, but someone new like me should watch out for those sharp corners, little care and you are good to go with that homemade bread you were looking for.

  25. Nicholas Hernandez

    The non-stick coating on these pans is not like Teflon or other surface that chips off with use. These stainless pans remain easy to clean with no degradation over time and use. Perforations help keep the loaves from becoming too dry and hard with baking. The couche cloth is plenty long enough to fold to separate loaves while final rising. The dough scraper is just another added benefit to this kit. Results are not guaranteed, but helps you get closer to the crispy French baguette style loaves you want.

  26. Natalie Parker

    This pan worked great; I was very pleased with it. The only small problem was a couple of bent corners when we opened the box , but my husband was able to bend them back into place. The corners have nothing to do with the baking portion, anyway.

  27. Jonathan Baker

    Reliable seller and store Good logistics of parcels in Mexico fast and good

  28. Nicholas Brown

    great , using it again today . love fresh bread

  29. Tyler James

    These pans have held up through multiple washes and are still just as good as new.

  30. Abigail Turner

    Thank you so so much for the fast delivery… this product is very nice and good…

  31. Lauren Hernandez

    All as in the description, the quality is good, but I have not checked in action yet, I will add a review later.

  32. Rachel Ramirez

    Thank you very much the seller for the fast delivery to all I recommend the seller and report it online the package arrived in excellent condition thank you for your attention

  33. Ben Thomas

    The parcel reached the delivery point in St. Petersburg in 12 days. Excellent pan. Thanks seller

  34. Katherine Collins

    All super as in the description with the seller did not communicate but recommend

  35. Matthew Anderson

    This was the missing piece for my French bread and sub buns

  36. Michael Campbell

    Fast delivery

  37. Kayla Wright

    We to be honest what we needed was a replacement for our old battered bread pan, but we were so wary of all these new varieties and things. But we decided on this one and we are delighted that we did it does the job even better than the old one. Upgrade was well worth it.

  38. Olivia Martinez

    Pans are super, they were lured to each other. Vikorimtovumo for dishes. Vologda to go live. Recommend

  39. Lauren Scott

    We enjoyed to bake the baguette pan. because this is all in one package. we got big baguette pan for baking, a couchi for bread dough and a dough scrapper.

  40. Isabella Allen

    I was hesitant to try these, but they’ve exceeded my expectations.

  41. Anthony Carter

    Always wanted one of these pans to try, decided to go with this one and surprisingly the results are much better than I expected. not much of cook or baker but I love my break to be crisp and that is exactly what I got with the. Cleaning is easy and for the price baguette pan is perfect.

  42. Amanda Phillips

    Thank you, the quality is super, took for the kitchen for a sample, I will order more, thank you to the seller

  43. Gabriella Garcia

    Great pans I order constantly for myself and as a gift!)

  44. Michael Taylor

    Satisfied with the product, thank you very much to the seller. The delivery was very fast, thank you very muchI buy a second product from the seller, very cool things are in this store, I recommend it!!!!

  45. Savannah King

    This was very sturdy and made excellent loaves.

  46. Elizabeth Wright

    Quality is good. Corresponds to the description. I’ll order more.

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